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Sunday Worship Service:

Sept 13 - Jun 19 @ 11:00am | Jun 26 - Sept 4 @ 10:00am

Pastors' Blog

This Sunday we begin again. We begin a new liturgical year. We begin the journey to a stable in Bethlehem. We begin to prepare our hearts to receive the one born a child and yet a King. And we may ask ourselves, in the midst of terror and tyrants, wild fires and floods, illness and famine, vast wealth and violent poverty, aching hearts and broken families how do we begin again? Can we begin again?

This Sunday we begin again with hope.

Community Thanksgiving Dinner

No one seems to know for sure when it all began, but decades ago members of what is now the United Parish served a community meal to church neighbors and friends at Thanksgiving. We are pleased to offer again the annual Thanksgiving Dinner for our community in Brookline and friends.  Doors open @ 12:30pm and sit-down dinner begins @ 1pm.  We do ask for an RSVP to give those who work tirelessly on this project sufficient information about the number of people to expect for the meal. Click HERE to RSVP for the Dinner.


This Sunday

Intergenerational Church School

Advent Wreath-Making

We will gather in the Chapel at 9:45am to continue a centuries-long tradition and joyfully await the coming of the Christ child. Each family will be provided with materials to make their own advent wreath to take home.  Families of all sizes are welcome—so invite your friend or roommate to come with you or come with all your extended family in tow! Please note: all children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


This fall, the pre-school/kindergarten church school class has been talking about blessings. What is a blessing? What does it mean to be blessed? How can we be a blessing to others? To understand blessings better, the class has done a couple of hands-on mission projects.

Join us for a 30-minute contemplative worship service on the three Thursday evenings, during the season of Advent.

The Advent season is a counter-cultural response to all of the busy-ness that can creep up around us. It means SLOWING down. Remembering to breathe. Taking extra time to pray. Listening. Watching. Waiting. Taking something off of your list and replacing it with quiet and contemplation.

If you’ve ever waited for something you really, really wanted, you know how excruciating it can be. You check the mailbox obsessively for the letter, you look at your emails every five minutes, you answer every phone call, you are vigilant for any sign, any hope, any breakthrough of good news.